What’s Your Landscaper Busy With this Fall?

Although it may feel counterintuitive, fall has its benefits when it comes to landscaping. You may think your landscape company is winding down for the fall and winter months, but the fall is actually a great time to plant, lay sod and concentrate on turf care and maintenance. Here are some of the reasons landscaping companies remain busy well into the fall season:

Stable weather

Compared to spring’s unpredictable weather –thunderstorms, downpours, frost, and oddly timed snow storms, across most of Canada fall has relatively predictable and stable weather. This stability means there are more suitable planting days and more opportunity for newly-planted plants to establish a robust root system which will help them build health and hardiness come winter.

Fewer pests

The onset of fall means the party is over for bugs and other pests. Newly sodded grass won’t be at risk of grubs. Harmful pests like leaf miners, beetles, moths, aphids and caterpillars won’t attack newly planted shrubs, trees and other leafy plants.

Stronger turf

With stable weather and fewer pests, fall is a great time for your landscaper to lay sod, seed and fertilize turf. These steps will help to set the stage for a lush, green summer.

Fall planting

The relatively stable weather and lower incidence of pests means that many landscaping companies are busy with their fall plantings, focusing on:

  • Perennials – Your landscaper is likely to spend some time this fall planting perennials. In fact, some plants like peonies and irises should only be planted or moved in the fall. Similarly, the fall is the ideal time to split and replant hostas.
  • Trees and shrubs – Although the fall weather is cool, the soil temperature should still be warm enough for strong root growth. Your landscaping company will be busy ensuring that these newly planted trees and shrubs are well-watered before the cold weather hits.

Fall mulching

Mulching is one of the precautions your landscaper can take to protect your grounds this fall. Mulching insulates gardens and the base of trees and shrubs to provide a constant temperature. This constant temperature helps to prevent cycles of thawing and freezing, which can force bulbs and other plants to the surface prematurely.

When to call it a season

Wondering “how late is too late” for your landscaper when it comes to fall planting? The answer varies. Certainly planting must be done before the first big frost of the year and depending on where in Canada you live this can range from September to late November. In southern Ontario winter generally hits a bit later than elsewhere in the country.

However, just because winter signals the end of a planting season doesn’t mean your landscape company will sit idly by. Garden Grove Landscaping is busy with behind the scenes winter preparations including mechanical servicing and preparation of all trucks, skidsteers, tractors, loaders and ice-melting equipment to ensure our fleet is ready to take on the worst weather. Ice-melting materials are being distributed to on-site storage locations. Pre-season site inspections from our operations team and onsite meetings with Client Care Managers are being done to ensure no details are overlooked. Snow communications and software are being tested to ensure our crews and our customers get the best and most up to date information as we track, monitor and combat any winter event.

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Written by David Lammers

David Lammers is the president of Garden Grove Landscaping. Garden Grove provides Commercial Landscape Management Services across the Golden Horseshoe, GTA and Southwestern Ontario. David may be contacted at david@gardengrovelandscaping.com or 1-866-996-1099.