To All our Valued Clients – Present and Future

RE: Salt Shortage Issue

We would like to share with you our knowledge and the work we have been doing in light of the current salt shortage that we are experiencing.  

Executive Summary: There is no question this winter has been relentless with it’s weather systems, but there should be no surprises if we look to history.  Environment Canada reports that as of February 12th, 2018 the City of Hamilton has received 114.4cm of snow so far this winter compared to all of last winter which is 114.2cm (November-April).  We still have 6-weeks of winter left, and the average annual snowfall totals for Hamilton are approx. 125cm, so this just confirms what we already know; that LONG-TERM RELATIONSHIPS with our clients along with good/sound planning, solid/committed teams, continuous training, salt and ice-melting material supply-chain and continuous investment in innovation is key to the long-term success of our ability to perform consistent and reliable winter snow and ice removal services to our clients and their properties.  It’s what our clients should expect from us as their ISO 9001/SN9001 Certified Snow Contractor.

The issue: There is a salt-shortage that already began over 3 weeks ago and the impact is now wide-spread throughout Ontario and into the U.S. states of Ohio, Michigan and Illinois.  Prices have sharply risen and are already double in some areas as supply is extremely limited.  The private sector (contractors) are being cut-off or severely limited as Municipalities are given first priority.

The solution: Years of industry experience has taught us to lead using a pro-active approach to the winter season.  Planning months (and years) in advance to ensure we are fully prepared to not only manage the needs of your site, but to do it safely and reliably.  

As a result of our best-management practices (especially during this past weekends’ triple-play snow and ice events), we continue to have salt in our stock-piles and ice-melter in good supply (we just received another trailer-load of ice-melter on February 12th).  Having carefully managed our resources through the winter-to-date, we have the material resources to continue servicing your property UNINTERRUPTED for the balance of February and into March for the remainder of the winter season. Though we are feeling some of the effects with increased prices, we are holding our current price levels having secured our bulk needs long before the winter.

What’s Next: Our clients win!  We are continuously working to secure our resources and improve our methods through innovation and technology so that you can know with confidence that Garden Grove will ALWAYS have what YOU need for your property.  Our partner relations throughout North America has enabled us to be part of a massive network in the industry with resources that run deep.  We are truly grateful for all our partners as we work collectively on the future supply of salt and ice-melting resources.

Above All Else, We Care
All our advanced technology, innovative systems, and industry leading processes do not mean anything without our passion and dedication to our clients. Providing our clients with the high level of service that they expect is a vital component of our business model.

Caring about our clients is the reason we’ve been in business for over 25 years.  It’s the reason why we look forward to many more years of working together with you.