Spring CARE Update

April 2015

As we look forward to the warmer temperatures of Spring, we are in full swing with the planning and scheduling of our landscaping services. Spring Care is underway and all spring clean ups will be completed during the month of April.

Spring CARE

As soon as weather conditions permit, the following services will be performed in completion, as per your contract.

  • Remove all leaves and normal winter debris from lawn and bed areas and dispose of properly
  • Edge existing shrub beds and tree rings. Plant beds and tree rounds will receive bed edging in the spring with a hand spade shovel or mechanical shaper to produce distinct edges. Indistinct foundation areas, beds, and tree rings lacking an apparent edge or that have recently been managed as vegetation areas will be similarly managed. Debris will be removed on the day the work is performed
  • Power blow all driveways, sidewalks, patios, beds, and steps
  • Raking of turf where needed at the discretion of the contractor

As our crews are preparing to visit your sites, please ensure that all dog feces has been cleaned up in all areas including common elements and unit backyards.

Please speak with Joel Smith, our Client Care Manager to schedule a Spring walk-around to discuss your needs and any extra work or property enhancements that you may like to have completed this year. Such as:

  • Garden mulching
  • Power sweeping
  • Garden enhancements
  • Annuals
  • Top dressing
  • Seeding
  • Sodding
  • Aeration
  • Landscape Design
  • Irrigation
  • Stone walkways, patios, retaining walls
  • Wood structures

Please visit our web-site or call the office for more information