Re-imagining Play

Garden Grove is pleased to partner with the City of Kitchener and Earthscape in the construction of Huron Natural Area Playscape.  The first of it’s kind in the city, this natural playscape is an outdoor landscape designed for play.  Comprised of natural elements which represent the greater landscape environment, young visitors will be excited to enjoy a safe area that supports creative play, encourages confident exploration and help children develop a lasting affinity for the natural world.  The hill slide, log jam and fallen tree, designed, built and installed by Earthscape offer opportunities for children to gradually challenge themselves by climbing and balancing high atop the natural logs.

The introduction of this emerging approach to play is in response to recent studies that indicate children are spending less time outdoors and less time connecting with nature.

Watch as we share the excitement and passion that this project represents as we engage our communities to come alive and get outside!