Protect Your Landscape Against Winter Weather

Protect Your Landscape Against Winter Weather: Garden Grove Landscaping offers Landscaping Tips for Property Owners

Cold weather and landscaping can be a challenging mix. Garden Grove offers winter landscape tips to help property owners protect their plants and trees from the cold days of winter.

Cold winds, low temperatures, snow and ice can send shivers down property owners spines. Winter weather conditions and salt used to de-ice streets, parking lots, and walkways often result in landscape damage to tree bark, branches, roots, turf and flower beds that could leave you with costly landscaping damage.

But the forecast doesn’t have to be bleak if you apply these winter landscape tips from the experts at Garden Grove:

  • Mulch new and existing trees and shrubs with two or more inches of top quality shredded pine mulch (or similar) to help protect the roots from deep freezing. It will also help retain moisture for the roots when they need it during times when temperatures rise above freezing.
  • Select plant materials that are winter-hardy and adapted to our climate zone.
  • Protect landscaping plants by adding a fence or a hedge of shrubs to offer protection from cold winds.
  • Perform a thorough fall clean up to remove fallen leaves. If left they will prevent moisture from reaching roots and sunlight from reaching the grass blades.
  • Water plants and trees, especially narrow leaf and broadleaf evergreens (Yews and Euonymus) at the root level when the temperature rises above freezing. Avoid getting the plants stems and leaves wet if possible.
  • Protect new tree trunks by wrapping them with a commercial tree wrap.
  • Shield plants from hungry rodents, rabbits or deer. Creatures like this can cause serious damage to your landscape plants. Surround the trunk with mesh cloth or fence the lawn to help prevent creatures from entering property.
  • Refrain from knocking the snow off of shrubs or tree limbs as they are frozen, fragile and could break. Also remember the snow does act as an insulating protection blanket for perennial gardens and lawns. During wet heavy snowfalls however, you will want to gently remove excessive snow from evergreens and hedges (cedar hedges and ornamental specimens) to avoid damage that is difficult to repair.

Whatever part of the region you live in, we know how to protect your landscaping against the harsh cold weather elements while adding value to your property. Call us today if you have any questions, or would like to know more.