We are proud to introduce Landscape Master and Snow Master. This state-of-the-art technology, unique to Garden Grove Landscaping, takes customer service to a new and unprecedented level. A major highlight is real time reporting but there is much more. See below for a more comprehensive list of key features and benefits. We look forward to continuing to provide the best service in the industry.


  • Instant Reporting: Live (real time) that includes photos and visual references.
  • Communications: Proactive responses and leadership.
  • Accountability: Our staff and teams are intimately involved in the complete process.
  • Time Savings: Significantly reduced phone traffic because many questions will be answered with real time information sharing. Our clients can now focus on what matters to them and respond from a position of knowledge.
  • Training: All teams are fully trained to optimize the benefits our Master apps can deliver.
  • Information: Access to information and information sharing is significantly enhanced.
  • Reduced costs for GGL and for Clients: Results in meaningful added value for our clients.
  • Transparency: Our clients now have a window into all aspects of what we’re doing (when, why, how etc.)
  • Improved Quality: Staff are reporting the work they are doing, as they are doing it. This promotes pride in workmanship and real accountability.
  • Story Telling: The reporting tells a story of what’s happening week after week. This provides for better planning, goal setting and budgeting.
  • Liability Protection: Landscape Master and especially Snow Master provide evidence that our clients can count on in the case of any liability issues that may arise.

Landscape Master and Snow Master are significant ways in which we our fulfilling our brand promise – our CARE Commitment (click here) and our Total Care Approach (click here). These service upgrades are a reflection of who we are and our dedication to continual service improvement.

  1. David_Lammers

    Written by David Lammers

    David Lammers is the president of Garden Grove Landscaping. Garden Grove provides Commercial Landscape Management Services across the Golden Horseshoe, GTA and Southwestern Ontario. David may be contacted at or 1-866-996-1099.