Magic Mulch

With warm weather we can rely on, leaves on the trees and flowers in the ground, everyone is enjoying their time outdoors. It takes a lot of hard work to get your property up to snuff after the harsh winter and the unpredictability of early spring, so maintaining your look is a huge priority. Now onto the next battle…weeds!

To keep your plants healthy, always cover the flower beds with mulch. Mulch discourages weed growth. It’s the fight every gardener faces. And while the mulch inhibits weeds from growing, it also locks moisture into the ground and prevents the moisture from evaporating. This give plants a better environment to grow and improves the fertility of the soil. Less weeds and better soil? Sign me up! The only caution with mulching is not to mulch around newly planted young annuals as this will inhibit their growth.

There are many different varieties and colours of mulch. Popular choices are brown, black and cedar or red colours. Any of these options add a pop of colour to the garden areas and choosing one is really just based on personal preference. Black or brown blend in more and have a natural look, while red is eye-catching and can provide a striking contrast to plants and shrubbery.

Mulch sizes vary from thin strands to large coarse chunks. Laying it two to three inches deep will provide a good barrier for the soil and keep the mulch in place to prevent it from eroding away.

When an area is mulched properly, the property looks neater. The edges are better defined and once summer starts to really heat up, it keeps the gardens from looking dried out and parched. Whatever option you pick, mulching is the best way to protect your gardens and keep them looking fresh all season long.


Written by David Lammers

David Lammers is the president of Garden Grove Landscaping. Garden Grove provides Commercial Landscape Management Services across the Golden Horseshoe, GTA and Southwestern Ontario. David may be contacted at or 1-866-996-1099.