Landscape Trends for Your Property

Our world today is experiencing technological advance like never before.  It isn’t that long ago when the pace of innovation allowed time for absorption, learning and adjustment, resulting in change to our way of lives.  We learned to expect innovations and advancement every couple years instead of every few months, or even weeks.  

Over the past 20 years we’ve seen a lot of change in the landscape industry.  Environmental responsibility and sustainable best practices are no longer just ‘buzz-words’.  They have become key development areas of our corporate fabrics.  As a leading company in the green industry we are working hard to continuously improve our systems and processes to ensure we are leading best practices when it comes to landscape integration, landscape renewal, landscape construction, landscape maintenance, irrigation water management and winter services.  We are also continuing the research and integration for the utilization of natural products and solutions for overall turf and tree soil care health.  Our comprehensive service line-up allows for us to work all areas of our organization into one approach – natural, sustainable and safe on the environment.

When we look to the landscape, outdoor spaces are now functioning as an extension of our homes and are being embraced as part of well-balanced healthy lifestyles.  Hardscape and softscape areas are now being constructed and enhanced with varieties of stone materials, trees, perennials, annuals and shrubs seemingly endless in variety and selection of choice. 

It has been amazing to witness and be part of these innovations and changes, including some things that never go out of style.  Green grass is still as trendy as ever.  Beautifully cultivated and edged gardens are still in demand and the vibrant colour of a red Maple (native Acer Rubrum) in the Fall hasn’t lost its lustre.   We love that the innovations and changing trends witnessed over the years still revolve around these constants…..those things that don’t change and probably never will.  Endless time.

Over the coming seasons we will be sending you a biweekly update called ‘2018 Landscape Trends’ which will profile relevant topics in the landscape industry for your property.   Its purpose is to inspire you by letting you ‘in’ on what’s new, and also inform you on how to keep the ‘timeless’ things beautiful.   Our hope is that you will use this information to guide you in your property planning and assist as a tool to help keep your properties beautiful.