GroundHog Day Snow Storm

Ontario’s first major snowstorm of 2015 has arrived on GroundHog day.



With just 46 days to spring winter has finally set in and it’s with a fury. As it stands, southwestern Ontario, including Windsor, could see more than 30 cm of snow, with the GTA in for about 20 cm, with lake enhancement bringing some areas up past the 30 cm mark also. Snow will start easing late morning Monday, but blowing snow will still be a factor with gusty winds. Brutal wind chills in the -25 range expected across southern Ontario.

Operations Update:

All our plowing crews were out just after midnight Sunday to open up and make your thruways accessible. Given the amount of accumulation we received, this storm event will take more time to clear. We will be circling back throughout the day today and into the night. Tuesday during the day we will be paying closer attention to detail, clearing visitor parking and other details as per your contract.

Snow Relocation Services:

Should your site require relocating or hauling of snow, we will contact you and receive approvals prior to completing the work.


All our walkway crews went out early in the morning around 3am Monday. Our main focus for the morning and throughout the day is to make sure the main pedestrian areas are accessible; walkways that are not main pedestrian entrances will be cleared once the storm has ceased.

Your Garden Grove Snow Team!