Garden Grove Landscaping – Leading The Way in Snow & Ice Management with ISO 9001 / SN9001

Garden Grove Landscaping Inc. has been leading the way in Canada on a very new initiative intended to improve on our company management systems and service offerings with a greater emphasis on quality management and customer care.

care-logoFor the past 12 months, Garden Grove has steadfastly embarked down the road of earning our ISO 9001/SN 9001 certification for our snow and ice management division. Additionally we have been working to bring this combination of Quality Management Systems to Canada through our active involvement as members of the Accredited Snow Contractors Association (ASCA) in the U.S.


The ASCA was established in 2011 to help snow and ice management companies address major issues that were faced in our industry. Those issues, many of them relating to perception, were making the business climate in the winter increasingly difficult.

ASCA_logoThese perceptions are those of Insurance companies, Legislative bodies, and our customers, who are not always able to differentiate a quality snow and ice management company from another local contractor. The impact that has had on our industry, and our business, can be measured directly by the increases we have been incurring annually in our insurance
premiums. Even with low claims, our insurance premiums continue to rise each year by double digit percentages.

The ASCA, recognizing these issues, worked closely and diligently with the groups that manage ISO 9001. Together they developed SN 9001 and combined them.

ISO 9001 is a quality management system that ensures that we have processes and procedures in place to deliver the service we promised in our contracts.

SN 9001 adds to that quality management system those details that are in the ASCA’s Industry Standards for Snow and Ice Management. This detail is often what protects us and our clients from frivolous claims, commonly through slip and falls.

These systems are audited by an independent third party to provide the utmost credibility.

Together these systems are the stamp of approval that Garden Grove Landscaping can prove to the Insurance Companies that we are a better risk; we can prove to our clients we are able to
deliver the contracted services and help protect them from potential litigation; and provides us the leverage needed to bring fairness to the laws and initiatives we are championing with the
support of the ASCA.

David Lammers, President of Garden Grove Landscaping Inc., not only pursued this initiative, but has also become extremely involved providing input into the process. David sits on the ASCA’s Industry Standards Committee, the committee which developed the Industry Standards and SN 9001, and will be serving as Co-Chair of this committee in the coming year.

Garden Grove is excited to lead the way effecting positive change for our company, our clients and our industry. If you would like any further information regarding this, or how we can assist you with your snow and ice management needs, please contact David Lammers, or Paul Lammers at 905 690 8000. To learn more about our snow services please visit or click here.