Garden Grove Landscaping Contributes to Canada’s 150 Best Playgrounds

Garden Grove Landscaping is thrilled to announce that one of the parks we constructed (in cooperation with a design by Earthscape), the Huron Natural Area Playscape in Kitchener, has been recognized as one of the top 150 playgrounds in Canada by the Playground Writers of Canada in honour of Canada’s 150th birthday!

We take pride in all our projects, whether commercial or municipal, and it is always satisfying to be recognized for our work. But nothing is as satisfying as knowing we’ve succeeded in creating a fun and interactive space for children to learn, grow, and play.

Photo courtesy of Earthscapes.

Huron Natural Area Playscape

The Huron Natural Area Playscape differentiated itself from other playgrounds for its innovative approach. While many modern playgrounds are defined by the bright colours, sleek designs, and plastic and metal construction, the Huron Natural Area takes a different approach.

As the name suggests, the defining feature of the playscape is ‘nature’. Rather than try to reshape the environment, Garden Grove Landscaping worked with the natural world to create a fun and safe environment for children by incorporating a dry creek bed into the design, and adding a bridge traversing it. As well as the bridge and creek bed, children can enjoy log climbers, a sand pit, a water pump, stepping stumps, a fallen tree, log jam, and even a log hut!

Another innovative feature of the playscape is that children interact and shape their environment with logs, tree slices, and sticks. Everything was built with children (and their safety) in mind, without an overly sanitized departure from the natural world.

Photo courtesy of Earthscapes

The Importance of Play

Play is a vital part of growing up. It builds physical fitness and provides an important basis for future activities. Balance, coordination, and core strength are all naturally developed by running, climbing, and playing. These skills are all vital for sports like hockey, soccer, basketball, gymnastics, as well as the foundation of a happy, healthy life.

Play is crucial to your child’s mental development. It encourages creativity, cooperation, and even critical thinking. The interactive nature of the Huron Natural Area means that children have an opportunity to flex their mental muscles by shaping their own playscape.

Photo courtesy of Earthscapes

Studies show that kids are spending more time inside than ever before. Not only does this lead to potential health issues (like obesity) but it also creates a disconnection from the natural world. By creating a playscape that focusses both on getting kids active, and reconnecting them with nature, we know that Huron Natural Area Playscape will help build heathy bodies and minds, and create a better world in the future.

A Fitting Way to Honour Canada’s 150th

Garden Grove Landscaping is incredibly proud of the Huron Natural Area Playscape, and of the recognition that we received from the Playground Writers of Canada. Want your kids to experience the playscape for themselves? Visit it at 801 Trillium Drive in Kitchener (Grand River Transit Route 33), or check out the city of Kitchener’s website.

Photo courtesy of Earthscapes

What better way to celebrate our country than through playgrounds? They are the setting for so many early life lessons about friendship, respect for nature, and cooperation – and what could be more Canadian than that?



Written by Paul Lammers

Paul Lammers is the vice-president of operations with Garden Grove Landscaping. Garden Grove provides Commercial Landscape Management Services across the Golden Horseshoe, GTA and Southwestern Ontario. Paul may be contacted at or 1-866-996-1099.