Explore the full bouquet of benefits that colourful spring annuals offer

First impressions are important and even though we shouldn’t judge based on appearances, most of us do anyway. When choosing a place to live or conduct business, that first glimpse goes a long way to encourage people to take a closer look. One of the best ways to make a great first impression is with landscaping. A property with strategically planned gardens, shrubbery, walkways, foliage and shrubs will add value to your property by transforming your green space into a colourful patch of paradise.

Design your property with colour and the seasons in mind. Whether you’re attracting residential or commercial tenants or are tasked with maintaining the property for a large industrial park, making an impression goes beyond ensuring your garden is well maintained. Choosing plants that are seasonal, lush, colourful and inviting will encourage people to use the outdoor spaces that you maintain.

Installing and maintaining beautiful outdoor spaces shows people that you care about the property and how it is managed. It says you care about the details. If the property you manage is well maintained on the outside, it’s a good bet that the property is well looked after on the inside as well. Appearance matters and the overall image of your facility affects property value.

In springtime planting colourful annuals is a great solution for all kinds of properties – including commercial and rental buildings. In addition to increasing the value of the property and adding aesthetic appeal, colourful annual gardens are also good for people’s health.

Colourful annual gardens help fight nature deficit disorder

Studies show that spending time outdoors surrounded by nature is critical to our mental health and physical well being. Nature deficit disorder is a phrase coined to describe what happens when we are disassociated from nature. Experts like Richard Louv have conducted studies that suggest that when we spend too little time immersed in nature we can suffer physically and emotionally. Louv and others have even linked issues like anxiety, depression and obesity with spending too little time outdoors.

We all need to spend time outside on a regular basis – but many of us spend most of the day at work, and in urban settings natural outdoor spaces are at a premium. The solution is ensuring that office buildings and other workplaces have beautiful, inviting green spaces filled with colour and seasonal plants and flowers.

As a property manager you can offer the benefit of good health, while also improving your property’s value and curb appeal. Make a lasting first impression this spring by planning to use annuals to create colour and texture across your property.


Written by David Lammers

David Lammers is the president of Garden Grove Landscaping. Garden Grove provides Commercial Landscape Management Services across the Golden Horseshoe, GTA and Southwestern Ontario. David may be contacted at david@gardengrovelandscaping.com or 1-866-996-1099.