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Leaders in Sustain­able Land­scapes

Garden Grove maintains commercial landscape to keep things looking beautiful and low in maintenance while incorporating local best practices to reduce our footprint on the planet.

We believe sustainable landscaping is about protecting and preserving costly and limited resources, reducing waste and unnecessary inputs, and preventing air, water, and soil pollution.

Here are some of the ways we are making a difference in designing sustainable commercial landscapes:

  • Storm-Water Management: We use a variety of options such as bio-swales, rain gardens, and permeable pavers to naturally reintroduce ground water to the soil, reduce run-off into surface water, and naturally filter out harmful herbicides, pesticides, and other pollutants and chemicals.
  • Water-Wise Landscapes: We look for ways to reduce the need for artificial water sources by introducing native plant selections suited for the region.
  • Energy-Wise Landscapes: We focus on the proper selection and placement of large trees and evergreens to shade and create wind screens, reducing energy costs throughout the year.
  • Sustainable Design: We select plants that reduce the need for water, synthetic fertilizers, and excess labor costs to maintain.
  • Sustainability Audit: We consider such factors as property size, orientation, growing conditions, existing materials on site, and budgets to develop and manage a landscaping plan that not only reduces our carbon footprint but reduces long-term maintenance costs
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Garden Grove is committed to environmental responsibility. As a company in the green industry we ensure that we are doing the best practices when it comes to landscape integration, landscape renewal, landscape construction, landscape maintenance, snow and ice management, turf irrigation water conservation and water management as well as utilizing natural products and solutions for turf care remedies. Our comprehensive service line-up allows for us to work all areas of our organization into one approach – natural, sustainable and safe on the environment.


Sustainable Development isn’t simply a buzz-word. It is an integral part of our corporate fabric.

Finding ways to build more responsibly and provide improved stewardship of our environment is truly important to us. Every aspect of our operation seeks the best way forward with an ever-present commitment to sustainability. From using best-practices on-site, and using the most technologically advanced materials we continually monitor our environmental accountability and make improvements wherever we discover them possible.

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We use every opportunity for recycling available and wherever possible we ensure we’re reusing and recycling any leftover materials including all in-house produced compost processed from all natural organic waste that returns from our maintenance operations.

& Carbon

Out of all the countries in the world, Canada is in the top 10 when it comes to awareness of climate change.

For many developed nations, reducing environmental impact has become a way of life. Recycling, driving more fuel-efficient cars, using energy-efficient lightbulbs - these are everyday actions.

Consider what impression you’re making on your tenants if your landscape maintenance company is not doing their part to using cleaner and more reliable technologies for their vehicles and equipment. Advancements in our industry have made it easier for landscape professionals to make environmentally sustainable choices.

When it comes to actionable change today, Garden Grove is reducing emissions and their carbon footprint through:

  • Operating a fleet of trucks and equipment that complies with the latest in emissions requirements and standards
  • GPS vehicle routing to reduce unnecessary fuel consumption and driving time
  • Battery-operated equipment (highlighted below)
  • Recycling waste and organic materials
  • Incorporating use of Liquids and treated salt in winter operations to reduce salt consumption and corrosive effects
  • Tree planting initiatives on our client properties as well as The Highway of Heroes Tree Campaign. Increasing our tree canopy will decrease the urban island heat effect, improve air quality and deliver much needed oxygen back into the air we breathe!

Battery Operated Equipment

Even small engines such as lawnmowers, line trimmers, blowers and chainsaws produce air pollution. Battery-powered landscaping equipment reduces air pollution, but it also reduces noise pollution, causing less disruption for your tenants.

Battery-powered landscaping equipment has become more effective (more powerful) and more available in recent years. Despite the increased capital cost including replacement cost of batters, the overall running-time and maintenance costs are significantly lower vs. gas-powered. Not to mention there is no fuel to purchase, oil filters, used oil or spark plugs to switch out. This all contributes to less waste.

Battery PoweredLawn Mowers

Battery PoweredHedge Trimmers

Battery PoweredTrimmers

Battery PoweredBlowers

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