Deep Frost Exposes Poor Construction


This past winter has been one of the coldest on record with deep temperatures that lasted for days on end. With a winter like the one we just had, you’re going to find out (if not already) what the impact has been.

The wall has fallen down.

Frost that sets into the ground has profound impacts on our roads, buildings, landscape structures including our trees and gardens. You’ve probably noticed the damage on the streets with all the potholes already.

One thing for sure that this past winter’s deep freeze has exposed is poor quality construction. Frost will heave, crack, push and move anything that has not been built properly with the correct footing depths and compaction, drainage and backfill, wall construction and the list goes on. Previous winter weather will have contributed to the damage you will ultimately see this spring – as this past winter took the cake for coldest winter on record.

We are currently re-constructing a wall for a client in Burlington that just fell down. As the warmer weather of spring is here, the frost starts coming out of the ground, and this is when the damage done back mid-winter will be exposed.

Full wall.


If you have concerns about the integrity of a structure, retaining wall or walkway on your property, please call us to come and assess this with you. Our construction team will do the research and provide the necessary information including costs and suggestions to remedy the situation.