Tree Care

Trees and shrubs provide great curb appeal and help anchor the landscape on your commercial property.

Tree &

Next-level tree care

Garden Grove provides services for your trees and shrubs to ensure they receive the care and monitoring needed to live healthy, vibrant lives. Healthy trees and shrubs are full of life and colour and provide your guests with pleasing shelter from the harsh summer sun.

We have certified arborists

Certified Arborists can evaluate your entire tree and shrub populations and provide reports concerning their health. They will take into account their changing scale and recommend adjustments to the surrounding landscape. We can deliver solutions to maximize growth potential, mitigate damage and risks or eliminate specific issues affecting the health of your trees and shrubs.

Trees and shrubs are a wonderful contribution to your landscape and the environment. It is important to make sure they receive the proper organic care they require to play their natural role in your landscape.



  • Pruning
  • Trimming
  • Stump Grinding
  • Tree Removal
Constant Care

Constant Care

  • Limb Support
  • Root Feeding
  • Plant Health Care

Health Care

Health Care

  • Treating Diseases
  • Treating Insect Problems
  • Analyzing and treating specific issues beyond maintenance

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Commercial landscape crew applying mulch


Spring or Fall

Deep root feeding

Deep root fertilization is a once-a-year process of injecting the ground around the base of trees and shrubs with nutrients and oxygen that keep the plant healthy and help it grow.


With the use of liquicides, the fertilization and oxygen mixture encourage healthier trees and shrubs to grow as the nutrient levels increase. This greatly benefits root development and can also help your trees and shrubs fight against insects and diseases that can harm it at the roots. Deep root fertilization is normally done in the Spring or Fall time.

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Timing and technique are important for pruning to be beneficial. Properly pruned trees and specimen shrubs will grow faster, stronger and will be more attractive.

Pruning is necessary to grow a healthy plant.

By aiding the plants natural growth process we are able to reduce disease, weak limbs, suckers and water sprouts. Removing dead and broken branches allows for more light and air to filter to the ground, providing benefits to the smaller plants and turf below.


Garden Grove has a team of people trained to monitor and manage the ongoing growth of your trees and specimen shrubs and ensure your plants never outgrow their place in your landscape. Depending on your plant, tree or specimen shrub variety, we will work with you to ensure an appropriate schedule is devised for your property.

Structural Pruning

Structural Pruning

Focuses on the shaping and thinning of trees, for a healthy plant that is pleasing to look at.

Dormant Pruning

Dormant Pruning

Protects your plants from harsh Ontario winters and promotes healthy growth for the spring.

  • Controls Growth
  • Prevents Disease
  • Removes Damaged Limbs
  • Services Performed in Winter

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Our commitment to environmental sustainability

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