When your business or property depends on staying open, there is only one company with this kind of capability in the GTA.

for winter

Big snow events can cripple entire cities and it’s not hard for your property to get swallowed up under a blanket of snow if your contractor isn’t ready.

Garden Grove brings big equipment, big crews, big technology and big experience to the front line to face nature’s fury head on. When your business or property depends on staying open, there is only one company with this kind of capability in the GTA.


Certified ISO 9001 & Smart About Salt

When it comes to improving our company management systems for the snow and ice season as well as becoming more environmentally responsible with our salt usage, we’re next-level.

Certified ISO 9001:2015 Company
Smart About Salt

Behind the scenes

  • 24/7 radar tracking of storms advancing towards our region.
  • We are preparing for storms before you even know they are coming.
  • On-site mechanical servicing and equipment repairs keep everything in top shape so we are always ready to go.
  • Manufacturer direct training for our teams on all equipment for safety and work efficiency.
  • On-site storage of ice-melting materials keeps our inventory full when our competition runs empty.

Before snow pre-event planning

  • Weather patterns are constantly monitored with the most advanced technology available.
  • Crews are contacted and prepped for the event.
  • Priorities are established based on the timing of the event.
  • Our custom software begins mapping flow charts for crews based on priorities.
  • Ice melting teams are dispatched to get ahead of the storm and stop snow from bonding.
  • Customers are notified of the event and the status of our teams.

When the snow arrives

  • Customers are updated, as the event unfolds, with the status of our teams.
  • Major arteries are priority number one. We keep your lane ways open.
  • Secondary passes of your property are complete to keep your property clean and safe and clearing of all areas of your property.
  • Ice Melting Teams, Plow Teams and Walkway Teams are all working in tandem but are dispatched separately to each property to ensure maximum efficiencies are reached.
  • Back up equipment is kept ready in case of any equipment failure in the field.
  • Our equipment and our live GPS tracking software work together to keep information flowing between our teams, our staff and our customers.

Zero tolerance snow & ice removal

We use a zero tolerance snow and ice removal model. This means we do not wait until the snow event is over but start applying deicing products immediately before and during the event. We commence plowing operations well before most other contractors to ensure our customer properties are safe and keep moving uninterrupted.

Truck plowing snow


A fleet of dedicated equipment stands ready to handle your plowing needs during any snow event. Our plowing teams stay focused on the their primary task, moving snow. With a zero tolerance approach our plow teams get into action and we get your snow moved fast. Clearing the major arteries of your property is priority number one in a major event with secondary passes and continuous cleaning to ensure your entire property is cleared and safe.

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Trucbrush removing snow from transport rooftop


TrucBrush® addresses the transportation industry’s largest winter related issue: the safe and effective removal of snow from their fleets rooftops. The patented TrucBrush® method improves safety by eliminating the need for employees to manually remove snow from the top of a truck, trailer, bus or container. Which can cause significant hazards.

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Commercial snow removal from walkways


By hand or machine as necessary, our teams make sure your walkways are clear and safe. The right equipment on the job means fast and efficient snow removal for your property. This reduces liability and makes your property safe. When needed, we get out ahead of the storm and precondition your walkways to ensure your safety from the beginning through to the end of every snow event.

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Salting a storefront walkway

Snow & Ice
Melting Services

The number one reason we perform Snow & Ice Melting Services is to keep your property safe and prevent potential accidents on your property. Clearing Snow and Ice away from thruways, parking lots and walkways mitigates your liabilities and makes your property a safer place for anyone on it.

Our range of Snow & Ice Melting Products offers you complete solutions to maximize risk management during winter months. Standard rock salt applications are used under normal circumstances but when nature fights back, we have the right products to prevent freezing conditions on your property. We use specific products for your entrances and walkways to reduce concrete damage and “salt-tracking” to interior surfaces.

Melting snow

Bulk deicing salt

  • A cost effective product for melting snow.
  • Generally used on thruways and parking lots.
  • A reliable product for winter ice melting.
  • Requires less spring clean-up than sand and other abrasives.
Treated salt

Treated salt

  • Safer for the environment.
  • Blended ingredients for corrosion and leaching resistance.
  • Colouring agents applied for uniform application.
  • A more effective ice melter at lower temperature than traditional rock salt.
Liquid anti-icer

Liquid solutions

  • Allows for less solid deicing material to be used.
  • Improved results in less time.
  • Applied as an anti-icer before a storm, the liquid inhibits the bond between snow/ice and the pavement, facilitating snow removal.
Melting snow on walkway

Walkway Specific

  • Anti-corrosion agents reduce damage to vehicles and other metal surfaces.
  • Less harmful to grass, trees, or other vegetation.
  • Reduced damage to wood and concrete.
  • Less harmful to carpets and floors.
  • Ice Melt designed to reduce tracking and residue problems.

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Commercial snow removal from walkways

Snow Hauling

There are no excuses for not providing visitors with a safe and secure environment. When the snow on your property starts taking up valuable parking spaces or creating visibility hazards for drivers and pedestrians, we need to remove the dangers completely to create a safe environment for your guests.

Garden Grove has the big equipment necessary to get unwanted snow moved off your property quickly and efficiently. We own and operate our own snow relief sites which give us the ability to work on your snow removal needs at any time of the day, reducing the impact on your business during peak daytime hours.

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ISO 9001 Certified

Certified ISO 9001:2015 Company

What is ISO Certification and how does it benefit you?

Garden Grove Landscaping has gone through the process of becoming ISO 9001/SN 9001 certified. A third-party audit company has gone through all of our systems, policies, and procedures to ensure that our business management system meets the ISO 9001 Quality Management System for snow industry standards SN 9001.

ISO 9001 is a third party audited quality management system that ensures that we have processes and procedures in place to deliver the service we promise in our contracts. SN 9001 adds to that quality management system those details that are in the Industry Standards for Snow and Ice Management.

Businesses earn and maintain certification through a series of independent, third-party audits. These audits confirm the implementation of processes and procedures that adhere to the business and quality management standards for the professional snow and ice management industry.

Why should ISO Certification be important to you?

We are delighted to serve our customers even better through the well-defined and documented procedures this certification requires. While we’ve always been committed to continuous improvement in quality with our products and services, this certification ensures a more productive environment through faster identification and resolution of quality issues, among many other benefits.

As a property manager or owner, you can be assured that:

  • we have the processes to ensure the job is done right,
  • those processes are constantly evaluated for improvement,
  • we are audited annually by a third party to ensure that we are meeting your expectations, and
  • we are maintaining the necessary documentation for all our service visits

As your professional snow and ice management team we are taking winter snow services to a whole new level through risk management. Contact us today to learn more about how we can be of service to you.

Smart About Salt Certified

Smart About Salt

Without question, winter salt helps keep our roads, parking lots, and pathways clear of snow and ice. However, as populations, traffic, and infrastructure have grown, so has our reliance and demand for salt as a commodity. As a snow contractor in Southern Ontario, we know it is our responsibility to manage this material wisely.

We are committed to salt reduction and are working hard to reduce the harmful effects of ice-melting products by using an innovative liquid deicer in snow removal and pre-treating bulk material. The results are more effective, and provide a smarter, safer process that in turn helps protect your commercial property’s environment.

Through our commitment to ongoing learning, development and innovation we can be trusted for reliable, professional, knowledgeable and responsible winter services - season after season.

Our commitment to environmental sustainability

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