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March – June

Get off to the right start

Ontario winters are unforgiving on your property. Proper planning and preparation are essential to a quality landscape and our Spring Clean Up Services are designed to get things off to the right start, early in the season. Plants, lawns and trees are extremely vulnerable during this season and require special attention to ensure a successful year ahead.

Constant state of progress

Your Client Care Manager will look for any areas of your property needing repairs or improvements and bring solutions to you for consideration. Garden Grove is committed to working with you so your property remains in a constant state of progress.

Power Sweeping

Power Sweeping

Removing any leaves and debris left in your garden is crucial for keeping your lawn and gardens free of mold, rot, pathogens and pests.



Helps the roots grow deeply and produce a stronger, more vigorous turf.



Is a non-disruptive way to establish new grass varieties while enhancing colour and improving the density of turf.

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Where first impressions are made

Your grounds are where first impressions are made on everyone who visits your property. Whether you represent a retail space, corporate campus or commercial park, one thing we should all agree on is the desire to impress our guests.

Next-level Experience

With Garden Grove, you’re putting your property in the hands of an experienced team who takes the necessary steps to not only understand your company’s needs but those of your landscape as well.

Weekly Cutting

Weekly Cutting

Weekly cutting between May and October. Maintaining a 3" mowing height throughout the season reduces fungus and disease, promotes a strong root system, water retention and a healthier lawn.

Regular Edging

Regular Edging

Regular edging ensures beautiful, defined lines that highlight your landscape.

Line Trimming

Line Trimming

Line trimming is part of our regular service and all turf areas and hard surfaces are blown off so your site is always in pristine condition.

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Customer Review

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Commercial landscape crew applying mulch


May – October

A well-groomed, beautiful garden will create a great first impression for visitors. Your garden areas should be given the same care and attention as the rest of your property, using only the best horticultural techniques.

Make a statement

With proper Garden Maintenance you will make an attractive and professional statement about your property and a great environmental contribution in your community.

Knowledgeable Staff

Our teams are trained with best practices to ensure optimal results while gently aiding the natural growth of your plants and shrubs from the first week in May until the last week of October.

The best time to apply mulch was last spring. The second best time to apply mulch is now.


Mulching aids water retention in the soil around plants. It helps reduce growth of weeds and suppresses existing weed material. Mulching also prevents compaction of the soil surface allowing air and water to travel more easily around plants. Decaying mulch will add much needed nutrients to the soil below. It has the added benefit of insulating the plants, roots and soil from extreme temperature shifting — keeping the soil cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Mulching around plants produces more roots and sets plants up for an easier, healthier life.

Enhance your property

The practical benefits of mulching are reason enough to add the organic material to all of your garden beds. Additionally it provides the opportunity to add a uniform colour and texture to your surface areas while enhancing the look and value of your property.

Add to seasonal care package

Your Client Care Manager can determine what is best for your property and blend Mulching into your Seasonal Care Package or provide the service as needed on an annual basis.

Commercial landscaper planting flowers

Annual Planting

May – June

Add color and variety to your garden.

A mix of annual plants is a great way to add colour and variety to any of your garden beds. Working with our Property Enhancement Team will help us know exactly what look you are trying to achieve. From there we can design a colour scheme and plant mix to accomplish your goals. Planting is usually done after the May long weekend when there is no longer a risk of frost. We help your plants get established using proper soil and compost blends with just the right amount of water to start things off.

Some annuals prefer shade, others prefer sun.

Some annuals do better in the shade and some prefer the sun. Our Design Team will make sure your plant variety works in the specific areas we are planting.

Make an impression

Annuals are a quick and efficient way to give your garden beds the wow factor needed to make a great first impression on anyone visiting your property.


September – December

The air is cooling down, the leaves have changed colour and begun to drop to the ground. The grass, plants and trees have slowed their growth and are getting ready to battle the winter elements.


Now is the time for Garden Grove to prepare your property for the upcoming winter season. Fall Clean-Up services are needed to ensure your landscape is put to rest properly before the snow falls.


Leaves can make our landscape beautiful and everyone loves the colours of fall, but leaves can be a great detriment to your landscape if they are not removed from your property in a timely manner.

Leaf Removal

Leaf Removal

Leaves can make our landscape beautiful and everyone loves the colours of fall, but leaves can be a great detriment to your landscape if they are not removed from your property in a timely manner.

Fall Planting

Fall Planting

Enhancing fall colours with plants most suitable for fall conditions is the easiest way to wow your visitors.

Decorative Urns

Decorative Urns

Add seasonal colours and textures to your property. This is a very popular way to add flora to areas normally dominated by concrete.

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Our commitment to environmental sustainability

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