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Garden Grove is dedicated to building thriving landscapes and long-lasting relationships. Our Landscape division is led by a passionate and successful group of designers and installation teams. With a commitment to quality, and a continuous pursuit of excellence, we are creating and maintaining unique and beautiful environments for our clients.

Landscape improvement
& beautification includes:

  • Garden rejuvenation through bed expansion
  • Mulching
  • Soil remediation
  • Perennial splitting
  • Plant removals, replacements and relocation
  • New garden design and installation
  • Annual planting programs
  • Tree, shrub, and plant material installation
  • Tree Planting
  • Power sweeping
  • Sodding and turf repair
  • Sign and Ballard Installation
  • Line Painting
  • Asphalt Repair
  • Drainage Repair
  • Hardscape repairs

Creating & maintaining unique & beautiful environ­ments for our clients.

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GIVE YOUR PLANTS an easier, healthier life.

Mulching aids water retention in the soil around plants. It helps reduce growth of weeds and suppresses existing weed material. Mulching also prevents compaction of the soil surface allowing air and water to travel more easily around plants. Decaying mulch will add much needed nutrients to the soil below. It has the added benefit of insulating the plants, roots and soil from extreme temperature shifting — keeping the soil cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Mulching around plants produces more roots and sets plants up for an easier, healthier life.


The practical benefits of mulching are reason enough to add the organic material to all of your garden beds. Additionally it provides the opportunity to add a uniform colour and texture to your surface areas while enhancing the look and value of your property.


Your Client Care Manager can determine what is best for your property and blend Mulching into your Seasonal Care Package or provide the service as needed on an annual basis.

Tree Mulching

Tree Mulching

Mulching your trees provides nutrients directly to the tree's root system and creates a defined area within your landscape that is pleasing to the eye.

Garden Mulch

Garden Mulch

Mulching your garden reduces weed growth, enhances water retention, providing beneficial nutrients and a uniformed surface area to your garden

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May – June

Add colour and variety to your garden

A mix of annual plants is a great way to add colour and variety to any of your garden beds. Working with our Property Enhancement Team will help us know exactly what look you are trying to achieve. From there we can design a colour scheme and plant mix to accomplish your goals. Planting is usually done after the May long weekend when there is no longer a risk of frost. We help your plants get established using proper soil and compost blends with just the right amount of water to start things off.

Some annuals prefer shade, others prefer sun.

Some annuals do better in the shade and some prefer the sun. Our Design Team will make sure your plant variety works in the specific areas we are planting.

Make an impression

Annuals are a quick and efficient way to give your garden beds the wow factor needed to make a great first impression on anyone visiting your property.

Garden Design

Garden Design

Working with our Design Team can produce the welcoming landscape you’ve always wanted for your property, while improving the value of your investment.



  • Protecting Flora and Fauna
  • Protecting natural habitats
  • Installing beehives in pollinator gardens
  • Planting trees to enhance biodiversity
  • Restoring damaged areas
Decorative Urns

Decorative Urns

Add seasonal colours and textures to your property. This is a very popular way to add flora to areas normally dominated by concrete.

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Sod being rolled out

Sodding &
Turf Repair

Lush, green lawns and borders need continual maintenance. If a property has seen neglect over a certain amount of time or new parking lots have been created, new sod or turf repair might be the best option.

The right time

Green turf care keeps turf thick and lush throughout the year using proven, environmentally safe methods. Our landscaping professionals can create a schedule that will be best for your property and keep it looking its best.

Flowers in garden in the fall


Wow your visitors

When the summer weather begins to cool down and fade into fall, the biggest and most important change to make is in your gardens and urns. Enhancing fall colours with plants most suitable for fall conditions is the easiest way to wow your visitors.

Mums top the list of hardy fall plants

Mums top the list for most desirable and hardy fall plants and will do particularly well if they are planted several weeks before the first freeze of the year.

Plants for you to consider planting this year are:

Aster, Pansy, Ornamental Kale, Purple Fountain Grass, Marigold, Croton and Million Bell.

Sweeping patio stones


Trees add shade and visual interest to your commercial property. Garden Grove’s design consultants can choose the correct trees for your area and situation to ensure it is healthy and long-lasting.

Next-level tree & shrub care

  • Foresting
  • Constant care
  • Health care
  • Fertilizing
  • Structural Pruning
  • Dormant Pruning

Sweeping patio stones

Hardscape Installation

Proper hardscape choices and installation not only provide a beautiful exterior to your property, but it also is necessary for the safety of your visitors.

Safety First

Choosing the right materials to suit your needs is essential. Loose stones, wobbly pavers and broken flagstone are accidents waiting to happen. Proper grading, retaining walls and the correct hardscapes will keep your visitors on the right path.

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Our commitment to environmental sustainability

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