Landscape Construction

Our Commitment to “Quality Control” and “Continuous Improvement”

IMG_1982With our years of experience, and a passion to consistently exceed customer expectations, Garden Grove Landscaping has established a benchmark for quality and customer service. Our dedicated team of full-time staff consistently prove to our clients and our suppliers that we work to the ‘Garden Grove’ way. It has become our standard practice – and is part of our culture.

We take pride in our uncompromising dedication to deliver consistent value and service to our customers.

Our Commitment to ‘Green’ or ‘Environmentally Friendly’ practices

Garden Grove is committed to environmental responsibility. As a company in the green industry we ensure that we are doing the best practices when it comes to landscape integration, landscape renewal, landscape construction, landscape maintenance, snow and ice management, turf irrigation water conservation and water management as well as utilizing natural products and solutions for turf care remedies. Our comprehensive service line-up allows for us to work all areas of our organization into one approach – natural, sustainable and safe on the environment.

Our Commitment to Sustainability 

Garden Grove Landscaping

Garden Grove Landscaping

Sustainable Development isn't simply a buzz-word. It is an integral part of our corporate fabric.

Finding ways to build more responsibly and provide improved stewardship of our environment is truly important to us. Every aspect of our operation seeks the best way forward with an ever-present commitment to sustainability. From using best-practices on-site, and using the most technologically advanced materials we continually monitor our environmental accountability and make improvements wherever we discover them possible.

Some of our partners offer the most responsible recycling opportunities available and wherever possible we ensure we're reusing and recycling any leftover materials or demolition refuse.