Landscape Construction

Leader's in Sustainable Landscape Design

Sustainable_Landscape_DesignGarden Grove designs and builds commercial landscape projects that are beautiful, low in maintenance and incorporate local best practices to reduce our footprint on the planet. Our combined design team includes landscape architects, designers and managers with almost 150 years of experience planning and building environmentally responsible commercial, industrial, retail, and condominium projects throughout Southern Ontario.

We believe sustainable landscaping is about protecting and preserving costly and limited resources, reducing waste and unnecessary inputs, and preventing air, water, and soil pollution. Here are some of the ways we are making a difference in designing sustainable commercial landscapes:

  • Storm Water Management: We use a variety of options such as bio-swales, rain gardens, and permeable pavers to naturally reintroduce ground water to the soil, reduce run-off into surface water, and naturally filter out harmful herbicides, pesticides, and other pollutants and chemicals.
  • Water-Wise Landscapes: We look for ways to reduce the need for artificial water sources by introducing native plant selections suited for the region.
  • Energy-Wise Landscapes: We focus on the proper selection and placement of large trees and evergreens to shade and create wind screens, reducing energy costs throughout the year.
  • Sustainable Design: We select plants that reduce the need for water, synthetic fertilizers, and excess labor costs to maintain.
  • Sustainability Audit: We consider such factors as property size, orientation, growing conditions, existing materials on site, and budgets to develop and manage a landscaping plan that not only reduces our carbon footprint but reduces long-term maintenance costs.

The Process

We strive to provide our clients with landscape design for their properties that enhances the environment as well as property values. We customize our designs to integrate indoor and outdoor environments using a phased approach to establish goals and objectives, budgets and time frame.

Our designers create spaces defined by your needs. The successful implementation of our landscape design starts at the foundation of our design process in the initial discovery session.

The Process