Re-imagining Play

Garden Grove is pleased to partner with the City of Kitchener and Earthscape in the construction of Huron Natural Area Playscape.  The first of it’s kind in the city, this natural playscape is an outdoor landscape designed for play.  Comprised of natural elements which represent the greater landscape environment, young visitors will be excited to enjoy a…

What Does it Take to be a Snow Removal Company?

How familiar are you with the landscape and snow removal company that manages and plows your property? Are they prepared for this winter and will your property get the attention it deserves during and after a snow event? How often will the contractor plow your property, and what equipment will they use?

Landscape Design Process Get’s Facelift

At Garden Grove we strive to provide our clients with an award winning landscape design experience where they can connect with nature’s beauty and redefine their home and lifestyle to include the outdoors.