The Salt Scramble – End of September Update

The news of the impending salt shortage is out. After an active winter of precipitation last year that already depleted salt supplies before the spring, along with the unexpected ice storm in April which spanned several days, a recent press release from Landscape Ontario points out that the current effects of the salt inventory shortage…

Garden Grove Re-certified as (#ISO9001 ) -Certified Organization

We’ve done it again! As of August 20, 2018, Garden Grove Landscaping Inc. has been certified to the SN 9001:2016 International Quality Standard. What do all those numbers mean? The SN 9001:2016 International Quality Standard is a certification given by a third party auditor to evaluate a company’s commitment to a process which produces quality…

The Right Stuff

Most people know that composting is good for the earth, but most people don’t know exactly what it means to compost and how or when to use it. We know it’s good…but that’s about it! Garden Grove is working to reduce our carbon footprint by producing our own onsite compost. The decomposition of organics in…

Garden Grove at the Canada Day Ribfest

What a glorious Canada Day weekend we had! The weather couldn’t have been better or hotter to celebrate our nation’s birthday! We hope you were able to get outside with family and friends to enjoy the outdoors and explore (or relax) in all the beauty our country has to offer. Every town has their own…

The War on Weeds

Since the ban on pesticides, dandelions are having their way with our lawns. And the bigger the property, the bigger the problem. Some people might think we’re fighting a losing battle, but with the right arsenal, weeds can be eliminated. Here is a three-fold plan of attack every property manager needs to win the war…

Magic Mulch

With warm weather we can rely on, leaves on the trees and flowers in the ground, everyone is enjoying their time outdoors. It takes a lot of hard work to get your property up to snuff after the harsh winter and the unpredictability of early spring, so maintaining your look is a huge priority. Now…

Planting an Annual Tradition

Spring has sprung, and gardeners – amateurs and professionals alike – are outside making the most of the beautiful weather. As Canadians, we’re known for our love of the outdoors, and beautifully landscaped areas are one way to show the love. The benefits of a colourful and well-maintained garden aren’t tangible but they are unmistakeable.…

Growing in Guelph

NEW Client Care Manager – Guelph Garden Grove is pleased to welcome David Turvey as Client Care Manager for Guelph and the Tri-Cities. While he may be new to our company, David is a very familiar face to the industry. He brings over 20 years of landscape, technology and client support experience to the Garden…

Landscape Trends – Design Planning Starts Now! Volume 1

Your trees, shrubs and perennials are still sleeping but your landscape plans for the coming season should be in full swing. The reason? Plans take time and if you want to see them realized and enjoyed this season than now is the time to start. People are often surprised how long it takes for a plan to…

Landscape Trends for Your Property

Our world today is experiencing technological advance like never before.  It isn’t that long ago when the pace of innovation allowed time for absorption, learning and adjustment, resulting in change to our way of lives.  We learned to expect innovations and advancement every couple years instead of every few months, or even weeks.   Over the…

To All our Valued Clients – Present and Future

RE: Salt Shortage Issue We would like to share with you our knowledge and the work we have been doing in light of the current salt shortage that we are experiencing.   Executive Summary: There is no question this winter has been relentless with it’s weather systems, but there should be no surprises if we look to…

Choosing a Professional Contractor Who is in it For the Long Haul

Finding a new contractor is easier than ever before. A quick Internet search will bring up dozens of websites and a host of potential contractors all vying for your business. But should you find a new landscaping or snow removal contractor? A long-term relationship with your contractor offers many benefits that simply can’t be matched…

Snow Business – How Much You Care is More Important than How Much You Know

There is no business like snow business. In Canada, the snow removal business is a necessity. Without plows, salt, and the expertise of snow removal professionals nothing would get done over the winter months. Commuters wouldn’t be able to get out of their driveways, food deliveries wouldn’t make it to the grocery store, goods would…

Site Upgrades Enhance Experience and Reduce Liability

Your commercial landscaping should go beyond enhancements and provide a safe experience for your guests, employees and residents, thus reducing your liability in the process.  An annual review or evaluation of your property is important for identifying potential hazards that can be resolved before they become a much bigger issue – any time of the…

Getting Beat by the Heat? Mindful Water Use and Synthetic Turf

Across North America, a beautiful, lush turf has become a source of pride for property. A well-manicured turf area is not only attractive and comfortable, it provides a space to work, play and relax. Residential, public and commercial properties all embrace green space, however there is a financial and environmental price to pay. Mindful Water…

Keep it Cool with Living Walls

Keeping your residents and tenants cool in the summer heat isn’t easy, especially in the city, but thankfully there are ways to keep cool when the heat is on! Urban Island It isn’t just your imagination. It really is hotter in the city than in the country during the summer months. The reason? Something called…

Native and Drought Tolerant Plant Material

Nothing is worse than watching your property turn from vibrant green colours to an unhealthy brown during the height of summer. This is especially true for property managers, landlords, and businesses who rely on a vibrant landscape to attract customers and tenants. Although you may associate droughts with the American south-west, during hot Canadian summers…


We are proud to introduce Landscape Master and Snow Master. This state-of-the-art technology, unique to Garden Grove Landscaping, takes customer service to a new and unprecedented level. A major highlight is real time reporting but there is much more. See below for a more comprehensive list of key features and benefits. We look forward to…

Garden Grove Landscaping Honoured with Two Industry Awards

We are thrilled to share with you that Garden Grove Landscaping has recently received two awards at the annual Snow and Ice Symposium hosted by SIMA (Snow and Ice Management Association). Excellence in Business Award This award recognizes that a company has excelled in business, operations and community over the past year. Earning this award…

Garden Grove Landscaping Contributes to Canada’s 150 Best Playgrounds

Garden Grove Landscaping is thrilled to announce that one of the parks we constructed (in cooperation with a design by Earthscape), the Huron Natural Area Playscape in Kitchener, has been recognized as one of the top 150 playgrounds in Canada by the Playground Writers of Canada in honour of Canada’s 150th birthday!

Improve Your Curb Appeal with Landscaping

Improving the curb appeal of your property through landscaping is one of the most effective ways to boost the value of your property. Whether you are a landlord, property manager, business owner, or homeowner improving your curb appeal will allow you to differentiate your property from the competition, earn more monthly rent, and demand a…

Replacing Turf in Heavily Shaded Areas

Virtually every large property will have a portion of turf in a heavily shaded area. As you can imagine, this is not an ideal growing condition for any plant, including grass. Turf plays a vital visual and practical role in your property and replacing dead or dying turf is not a luxury – it is…

What is Green Turf Care?

For most properties, the turf is the biggest single landscaping feature. Although irrigation systems, water features, trees and plants are also important, the single most important part of any property is arguably its turf.

5 points to Include in Your Scope of Work for your Condominium

The overarching goal of any condominium corporation should be to make the community a better place to live. Achieving that goal isn’t necessarily straightforward. There is a lot that needs to be taken into consideration. Individual homeowners may all have different (and sometimes conflicting) demands, and board members will likely butt heads from time to…

National Lawn Care Month

Canadians love the outdoors, but don’t always love spending the time or money needed for landscapes to thrive. April is National Lawn Care Month. Okay, it may not be Canada’s most well-known occasion but to professional landscapers it’s a big deal because it provides an opportunity to focus on the importance of lawn care. Take…

6 Things Your Landscape Contractor Is Afraid To Say

Trust is a vital part of any business relationship, and when it comes to property management, trusting contractors is essential. As a property manager, you must balance the needs of tenants, investors, management, and other stakeholders. You don’t have time to micromanage contractors or make sure that every job is done perfectly. In that spirit…

A Healthy Spring Reminder from Old Man Winter!

Although it’s almost spring, winter weather sure knows how to come back and give us a healthy reminder that these kinds of snow events are still normal for this time of year in Southern Ontario. Another Winter Storm Warning was issued from Environment Canada at 15:47 Monday 13 March 2017: Heavy snowfall with blowing snow…

Use Landscaping to Attract Office Park Tenants

In business, appearances matter and in the world of property management the equivalent of a fresh suit, clean shave, and firm handshake is a well-maintained landscape. Here are five reasons high quality landscaping is critical to your office park: 1. Attract quality tenants and charge higher rent Large, well respected companies expect a property reflective…

Part 2 : Executing Your Landscape Budget

Did you read Part 1: Landscaping is a long term investment worth including in your annual budget? If so, you’re ready for… Part 2: Executing Your Landscape Budget Making a landscaping budget is an important element of sound property management. However, creating a budget is only half the battle, actually sticking to your budget is…

We’re Hiring! Check out our latest position for Office Administrator!

We are actively seeking a dynamic individual to join our Waterdown, ON office as our Office Administrator.  In this full-time position you will be responsible for leading existing management systems as well as implementing the day-to-day administrative operations of a busy, dynamic company.  Successful candidates should exhibit natural leadership ability; possessing strong relationship-building skills, and…

Dormant Pruning and the Benefits of Tree Care During Colder Months

Is your landscaping company working year round on your properties? Despite what many think, landscaping is a year-round job. A property’s landscaping needs year-round attention, especially because dormant pruning during colder months is a necessity to help trees and shrubs endure harsh winter weather and ensure healthy growth during the spring.

New Snow and Ice Technology Means a Safer Winter for All

Snow and ice are more than just an inconvenience. Winter weather can be a danger to pedestrians and drivers, and a major liability to property owners. Reducing your liability and keeping your tenants, clients or customers safe is vital to protecting yourself legally and financially.

What Does It Take to be a Leader in Snow Management?

Is your snow management team ISO certified? Garden Grove Landscaping is proud to hold the distinction of being the first snow management company in Canada to achieve ISO 9001/SN 9001 certification. What does ISO mean and why is it important for you to hire a snow management company with ISO certification?

What’s Your Landscaper Busy With this Fall?

Although it may feel counterintuitive, fall has its benefits when it comes to landscaping. You may think your landscape company is winding down for the fall and winter months, but the fall is actually a great time to plant, lay sod and concentrate on turf care and maintenance.

Keep Both Property Owners and Tenants Happy

Managing multiple properties is a complex juggling act, but often the most difficult part is balancing the expectations and needs of different stakeholders. When it comes to property management, stakeholders are people with a vested interest in the property and the business of managing it.

Tips to Effectively Manage Multiple Properties

Effective property management is vital to keep clients, tenants, owners and internal staff happy, but it isn’t always easy. It takes a unique skillset to manage multiple properties including excellent time management skills, organization, dedication and a strong work ethic.

How to Protect Your Business from Slip and Fall Lawsuits

Property owners, and tenants (or other “occupiers”) have to ensure that anyone who enters their property is safe. This includes pedestrians and even uninvited guests who have a legitimate reason to enter your property (yes, even door-to-door salespeople). In most cases your property includes your driveway, walkways, parking lot and even the sidewalk in front…

Is Your Snow Removal Contractor Insured?

Winter is fast approaching and that means companies are looking to hire their snow removal contractors. If you’re a landlord, own a business, or manage industrial or commercial properties then snow removal is vital to keeping operations running smoothly and minimizing liability. Choosing the right contractor is important but a key factor transcends cost or…

Beware of low-cost, low-service landscaping companies

At first glance landscaping might seem simplistic. But, as anyone who has tried their hand at it knows, it’s a lot more complicated than just picking up a shovel. Unfortunately, unqualified amateurs are luring clients in with rock bottom prices, over promising and then under delivering – all at the expense of one of your…

Drought Conditions This Season Put Our Landscape To The Test

Ontario’s dry weather threatens agriculture and greenspace investments. Ontario’s unusually hot and dry summer is set to continue for the foreseeable future, much to the dismay of farmers, gardeners and landscapers. Since early April all of Canada, but especially Ontario, has suffered through unseasonably hot and dry weather. Last Monday and Tuesday Environment Canada issued…

Biological Warfare

Why use harsh chemicals on a property to combat pests when you can use biological warfare? Nematodes are an affordable, safe, organic option for property managers looking to protect their green spaces from grubs, slugs, caterpillars, and other pests.

Eliminating Dandelions…What you need to know

The yellow patches of dandelion cropping up in green spaces across the city are a sign spring is here. Whether you love, hate or are impartial to them, dandelions are growing as far as the eye can see in yards, parks, industrial and public spaces across South Western Ontario.

Fix Your Turf With This Perfect Triple Threat

A regular aeration schedule can help you eliminate and prevent some of the most common turf problems. However, the real secrets are to over seed and add a compost-rich top dressing to an aeration routine. This triple threat is the best way to set the stage for healthy, beautiful turf.

Enhancing Oakville’s Natural Environment at Bronte Bluffs

Garden Grove is pleased to work with the Town of Oakville, and its project partners Conservation Halton, Evergreen and the Bronte BIA, to help restore and protect the Bronte Bluffs and improve local water quality. “This Council is committed to protecting green space and enhancing Oakville’s natural environment,” Mayor Rob Burton said. “The Bronte Bluffs…

Client Care Manager Earns Snow Industry Certification

Joel Smith ASCA Certificate

As part of our ongoing comittment to continuous improvement, we are pleased to announce that Joel Smith, Client Care Manager, has successfully completed the necessary educational requirements and has proven knowledge of established snow and ice industry standards to earn the ‘ASCA Certified’ status by the Accredited Snow Contractors Association. The ASCA Certified program is…

Re-imagining Play

Garden Grove is pleased to partner with the City of Kitchener and Earthscape in the construction of Huron Natural Area Playscape.  The first of it’s kind in the city, this natural playscape is an outdoor landscape designed for play.  Comprised of natural elements which represent the greater landscape environment, young visitors will be excited to enjoy a…

Our Passion for the Green Industry

Garden Grove is proud to be published in Landscape Ontario magazine this past November as part of celebrating our 25th Anniversary. We are pleased with the opportunity to share our story and encourage the trade.


We are seeking a high level seasoned professional in our Landscape Design/Build division who can demonstrate superb skills in landscape design and project management.

Another Garden Grove Snow Manager Certified!

Christopher Polesel ASCA-Certified

We are pleased to announce that Chris Polesel (Landscape and Snow Operations Manager) has successfully achieved ASCA-C certification through the Accredited Snow Contractors Association!

What Does it Take to be a Snow Removal Company?

How familiar are you with the landscape and snow removal company that manages and plows your property? Are they prepared for this winter and will your property get the attention it deserves during and after a snow event? How often will the contractor plow your property, and what equipment will they use?

Hiring The Best Commercial Snow Removal Company

When winter weather hits Southern Ontario, you need to make sure your business or condominium community will still be able to operate and serve customers even in heavy snow and ice to prevent expensive losses.

Snow Magazine’s Top 100 Leadership Awards

Garden Grove Landscaping makes Snow Magazine’s Top 100 Leadership Awards in North America. We were honoured to receive this prestigious award at this years ASCA Executive Summit.

Garden Grove Re-Builds Historic Wharf

Construction at the Kelvin Grove Park Wharf in Bracebridge, ON which started on February 4th, 2015 is now nearing its final stages of completion.  In the process, our staff have unearthed concrete from an old pool where children once played. CLICK HERE to see the article for full story.  

Building Trust Since 1990

This year we are celebrating 25th year anniversary. Look for our celebratory ad in various magazines:  

Our C.A.R.E. Commitment

We believe at Garden Grove Landscaping that part of building trust comes through a commitment to following through on our promises. Our C.A.R.E. commitment of Consistency, Accessibility, Reliability and Expertise provides the framework for that promise.

Spring CARE Update

As we look forward to the warmer temperatures of Spring, we are in full swing with the planning and scheduling of our landscaping services. Spring Care is underway and all spring clean ups will be completed during the month of April.

Landscape Design Process Get’s Facelift

At Garden Grove we strive to provide our clients with an award winning landscape design experience where they can connect with nature’s beauty and redefine their home and lifestyle to include the outdoors.

Enjoying the great outdoors!

This years’ Canada Blooms event in Toronto was a warm welcome and has certainly helped start the season off with the theme “Let’s Play!”

Deep Frost Exposes Poor Construction

This past winter has been one of the coldest on record with deep temperatures that lasted for days on end. With a winter like the one we just had, you’re going to find out (if not already) what the impact has been.

The Coldest Month on Record

The entire month of February stayed frigid, leading to the third longest cold streak in the area. The cold streak led to places like Toronto and Hamilton breaking old records from 1937 for coldest February.

Snow Operations Update

South western Ontario is in the midst of receiving yet another storm event. A low pressure system tracking towards SW Ontario is going to bring a variety of precipitation. Please take extra care when you are walking or driving today and tonight.

New Client Care Manager!

With a new year comes ADDITION! It is with excitement that we are heading into this new year! We are pleased to announce that Joel Smith, former owner of Kaeden Creek Property Maintenance and Landscaping Inc. has joined our team at Garden Grove!


We are looking for leaders who have a desire to succeed, a passion for the outdoors, and who enjoy personal and professional growth. This is an exciting opportunity for the right individual to prove their winning attitude and skills.

Protect Your Landscape Against Winter Weather

Winter weather conditions and salt used to de-ice streets, parking lots, and walkways often result in landscape damage to tree bark, branches, roots, turf and flower beds that could leave you with costly landscaping damage.

Your lawn is talking

Have you ever given thought to the health of the soil beneath your turf as being the most important item on your healthy-turf checklist?

Backyard Retreat Garden Oasis

Have some ideas as to what your backyard can look like? Or, are you out of ideas and are looking for some from us? We are excited to go through the endless possibilities to make your backyard the perfect oasis!

Bring on Spring!

Count on us to make sure your property looks its best. We’ll help you keep track of what needs to be done and suggest enhancements that give you healthy plants and vibrant curb appeal all season long.

Garden Grove Landscaping :: Snow Day!

Summer isn’t our only busy time of year. Here’s a short video that shows how busy things can get in the winter. A large portion Garden Grove Landscaping’s winter business comes from snow-removal. Check out the video!