Bring on Spring!

Landscape checklist to get your property ready

Count on us to make sure your property looks its best. We’ll help you keep track of what needs to be done and suggest enhancements that give you healthy plants and vibrant curb appeal all season long.

Begin with a plan
Redesign color displays to create impact and add value to your property.

Tune up your system
Check irrigation components such as clocks, main lines, and sprinkler heads and make necessary repairs.

Enhance with new plants
Give them time to soak up rain and warm temperatures to establish healthy root systems.

Keep it neat and green
Mulch around shrubs and trees to deter weeds and recycle grass clippings back into turf.

Stand out
Fill your containers with robust, dramatic displays that set your site apart.

Be drought tolerant
Add more perennials that bloom all season and provide long-term color without requiring lots of water.

Visualize the possibilities
Rely on our top designers for digital images and projected budget for enhancement projects.

Get more ‘bang for your buck’
Benefit from cost-effective recommendations that improve the vitality of your property while staying within your budget.

Demand high performance
See results with our customized 30-day start-up process.

Partner with local experts
Add our integrated landscape services and get the Garden Grove Customer Commitment.