Snow Removal

Welcome to June!

It is time to start thinking about snow management! Avoid the spike in service costs, and benefit from the vast advantages of starting early.

You may think we’re joking around, but honestly, we’re not 😉

It may be summertime, but believe it or not, now is the time to start thinking about snow management. We recommend starting this process in June, so come November, our equipment, materials, and strategy are all in place, and our crews are familiar with your property and are ready to roll when the first snowfall comes!

Here’s What Planning Looks Like:

June – Review scope of work. Prequalify snow and ice vendors.

July – Send out a request for a proposal. Conduct site walk-throughs.

August – Proposals due by August 15. Interview finalists.

September – Award contract to vendor. Finalize contract documents.

October – Conduct a site walk-through with the new vendor. New vendor on-site team training prepare for the first snow event.

November – Vendor on-site equipment and storage mobilized for winter-ready!

Winter doesn’t know what’s coming, and you don’t want to find out you hired the wrong contractor when the year’s first snowstorm hits. Your property depends on you to make the right decision when nature strikes.

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