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Use Commercial Outdoor Spaces to Attract Office Park Tenants

Garden Grove will help you to use commercial outdoor spaces to attract office park tenants. Here are five reasons to improve your landscape.

In business, appearances matter, and in the world of property management, the equivalent of a fresh suit, clean shave, and firm handshake is a well-maintained landscape. Here are five reasons high-quality landscaping is critical to your office park:

1. Attract Quality Tenants and Charge Higher Rent

Large, well-respected companies expect a property reflective of their image. The exterior should indicate how the tenants want to project themselves: clean, precise, and well managed. If a company’s exterior is fastidiously attended to with strong attention to detail, clients will associate the company within the building with those same values. According to Kathleen Wolf, Ph.D., this is why high-quality landscaping increases rental rates by 7%.

2. Support Your Tenants by Attracting Consumers

Without landscaping, office parks are notoriously depressing, but the addition of a manicured lawn, bright flowers, and large shaded areas create a welcoming atmosphere. According to Wolf, consumers are likely to spend 9-12% more at retail businesses with a high-quality tree canopy. Effective landscaping will draw people to your tenant’s businesses. More visitors mean more leads, more sales, and higher profits, which results in less turnover within your building.

Landscaping also provides visual landmarks which make your building easier for consumers to find.  A study conducted by the University of Washington found that landscaping made it easier to locate businesses for passing drivers.

3. Help Keep Employees Happy

Providing greenspace to employees is a significant advantage that landscaping can offer office park tenants. Greenspace increases employee job satisfaction, creates a more calming environment, and may even reduce headaches and other work and stress-related ailments. Some psychologists have even found that greenspace will relax employees and allow them to be more productive.

4. Meet the Needs of SMEs

Small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) often have an organizational structure that is more close-knit than major corporations, which means that they emphasize employee satisfaction. Since employee satisfaction is correlated with more green space, SMEs are more likely to consider office parks that provide beautiful landscaping. In fact, according to, “small businesses choosing a new business location rank the amount of open space and proximity to parks and recreation as the number-one priority in site selection.”

5. Add Value to the Community

Property management is a business first and foremost, but even the most calculating business person knows the value of community engagement. Investing in landscaping to create a green space adds value to your property and adds value to the local community. There is no downside to gaining the trust and approval of the local community. Greening your building creates goodwill and increases the likelihood of locals visiting the businesses in your office park and even becoming tenants themselves.

Landscaping helps property management firms attract office tenants because it provides them with many benefits. In addition to creating an excellent first impression, it increases sales, boosts employee satisfaction, and adds value to the greater community.

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