Commercial Irrigation

Your Landscape Is an Investment. Protect It with a Good Commercial Irrigation System and Schedule

Garden Grove knows how important it is to preserve your landscape. Here are some of the benefits of a good commercial irrigation system.

Proper watering is a valuable investment to help protect your landscape. In fact, the very success of your landscape heavily depends on how well it’s watered. A properly designed and installed irrigation system will help use water more efficiently, but it is also a huge investment in preserving the landscape itself. To support a healthy and strong landscape, you first need a landscape management company to set up the foundation for its success – a proper irrigation system.

Benefits of a Solid Irrigation System and Schedule

Whether you own or manage a large or small property, using an irrigation system will significantly increase your green spaces’ health and visual appeal. With an automatic irrigation system on a proper schedule, you’ll find that water is used more efficiently.

Why is an efficient irrigation system important? Providing too much or too little water to the plants in your green space can be the root cause of many health and pest problems.

A proper watering schedule supports high-quality soil and reduces insect and weed infestation. It also supports the strength and health of your trees, plants, and turf, allowing them to survive the things out of your control – like extreme weather conditions and varying temperatures.

Regular Watering Helps Reduce Water Consumption

How does an irrigation system use less water while maintaining your property? Your irrigation system is designed to use the exact amount of water your landscape requires. This planning and design requires expert knowledge specific to the plant varieties throughout your property.

Landscape management companies have the knowledge and experience to plan and design an automatic irrigation system that will support the unique needs of your green space, which is why it’s essential to seek out their expertise.

Whether your landscape is composed of grass, trees, shrubs, plants, or garden flowers, Garden Grove Landscaping designs, installs and maintains irrigation systems that provide the right amount of water at the right time of day to ensure your landscape is properly hydrated, healthy and hardy.

Tips to Save Water

  • Have your irrigation system regularly checked to ensure it is in good working order.
  • Ensure shrubs, ground cover, or tall grass aren’t blocking or deflecting water.
  • Check that sprinklers are placed at least 10 – 15 cm from the edge of curbs, sidewalks, and parking lots to reduce the water wasted on paved surfaces.
  • Invest in a rain switch (also called a rain sensor) that turns off the automatic irrigation valves when it detects a good rainfall.
  • Have your landscape company install a filter on the irrigation system, saving time and money by reducing dirt, snails, and other problems that cause irrigation systems to break or use water inefficiently. A filter often pays for itself within five years.
  • New filter heads will help your system use water more efficiently.
  • Ensure your irrigation system has a sprinkler head with a built-in pressure regulator, reducing the water pressure at the sprinkler head nozzle, saving water overall.
  • Don’t forget to schedule an appointment to winterize your irrigation system before frost hits each fall.

Scheduling Tips:

Are you depending on nature to keep your plants hydrated? Even if you get a lot of rain, it’s challenging to ensure the timing is consistent and regular enough to keep your landscape lush and healthy. With an irrigation system that schedules watering times, turf and plants are watered regularly, making them hardier, healthier, and better able to survive future water bans.

Here are Some Scheduling Tips to Help Save Water and Keep Plants Healthy:

  • Adjust irrigation time for seasonal weather changes once a month.
  • Run irrigation systems during the morning hours when less water is lost to evaporation.
  • If you irrigate with automatic sprinklers, program your irrigation timer to water in 2-3 short cycles rather than a single long cycle.  A few short cycles will allow water to soak into the ground between cycles, using less water and watering plants and grass more efficiently.
  • Ensure you have an automated emergency shut-off device on your irrigation system, which will save water by automatically shutting off the water should your system break.

Did you Know that July is Smart Irrigation Month?

Smart Irrigation Month is a campaign run by the irrigation industry to increase public awareness of the value of efficient water use. To learn more about efficient water use, visit the website which provides many resources about how your business can use water efficiently and position your company as a leader in water conservation.

Contact the landscaping experts at Garden Grove Landscaping for information about irrigation systems and to learn more water-saving tips and advice.

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