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Now Is the Time to Start Taking Advantage of Our Commercial Grounds Maintenance Services

Garden Grove offers you the best commercial grounds maintenance services to keep your property looking its best.

As we head into another summer under the pandemic, office workers will be keen to get outside as much as possible where they don’t have to wear a mask. Now is the time to invest in your outdoor spaces and take advantage of some of the commercial grounds maintenance services we offer to help your property look its best throughout the landscaping season!

With our next-level pursuit of excellence, we are designing, creating, and maintaining beautiful environments that will increase value, keep employees and residents engaged, and attract more tenants and visitors to your commercial landscaping property.

Let us assist you in making GREAT first impressions and welcoming outdoor spaces in the coming summer season.

Welcoming Outdoor Spaces

Transform your outdoor spaces into employee-friendly workplaces with areas to recharge, relax, answer emails, have a team meeting, or enjoy lunch. Outdoor patios and seating surrounded by greenery can serve as a retreat for employees to recharge without having to leave the campus and can also be used to have meetings.

Water Features

Water features can be particularly soothing, and they can block out any nearby noise.

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Bench Seating Areas

Garden seating areas with charging stations and Wi-Fi hotspots are going to be welcomed by your Covid-weary staff looking to escape to the outdoors for some mask-free time. Establishing walking paths can get the creativity flowing and help encourage exercise as part of wellness programs.

Plant Trees & Shrubs

Planting large trees around your property provides shaded areas and is a fantastic way to avoid the heat, cooling areas by up to 14°C (according to Hydro One). Trees and healthy lawns remove airborne contaminants, consume carbon dioxide, and produce oxygen. Identify landscape beds that could use a pop of color – or sparsely planted spaces that need a boost with additional shrubs and perennials.

Wildflower or Butterfly Gardens

While many people enjoy large expanses of turf, those areas require quite a bit of upkeep during the growing season, including mowing, fertilization, and irrigation. On the back areas of many larger commercial properties, some facility managers opt to create bigger wildflower or butterfly gardens. These are natural spaces full of native plants, designed cleanly that attract a variety of species, including bees, butterflies, and birds.

Have an Irrigation Audit

Often, we don’t realize there are issues with the irrigation system until the water bill arrives. Leaks and breaks can occur underground and cause bills to spike. Also, spray heads can get damaged from pedestrian traffic or even during maintenance. As our landscapes evolve, so do their irrigation needs. If your irrigation system is still timed to water a mature landscape, do plants have the same (if any) water needs? An irrigation audit can answer all of these questions while providing the necessary information for repairs and plans for upgrades.

Sustainable Planting with Ornamental Grasses

Choosing the right plant material is very important for sustainable landscaping ideas. A plant should be low-maintenance, aid in water conservation, and perform well in the site’s specific climate conditions. Drought-resistant plants are exactly what they sound like; plants that can survive or even thrive in hot, dry conditions.

Advantages of Artificial Turf

If you are looking to cut down on watering while being environmentally conscious, then artificial turf may be the solution for your property. Unlike traditional grass, artificial turfs do not require watering, and many property owners embrace this grass alternative’s benefits. It is resilient, always green, keeps things clean, looking great, and even makes a great putting green for your employees.


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