Snow and Ice Management

It Is All About How Much You Care About Snow and Ice Management Services

Garden Grove will use the latest advanced technology to take care of your snow and ice management services over the winter months.

There is no business like snow business. In Canada, the snow removal business is a necessity. Without plows, salt, and the expertise of snow removal professionals, nothing would get done over the winter months. Commuters wouldn’t be able to get out of their driveways; food deliveries wouldn’t make it to the grocery store, goods would be stuck at distribution centers, ambulances wouldn’t be able to make it, vehicles would skid off the road. Our entire infrastructure would come to a frigid stop. As you can see, we take the snow business very seriously.

But Not Everyone Does.

We believe that it takes more than just a truck and some know-how to be an effective snow removal company. It takes commitment and passion. Caring about what you do is a necessity. It’s what drives a crew to wake up at 12 am, to work through the night and weekends, to drop their lives at a moment’s notice. That is why we always say: we don’t care how much you know until we know how much you care. When it comes to snow and ice management, our goal is to raise the bar in every aspect of our service continually. We accomplish this, year in and year out, by putting our clients first and building on our experience.

We have adopted a proactive approach to snow removal services and ice management which involves:

Reviewing your property, and your service needs with you before winter strikes. Every job is different. No amount of experience will allow us to match your needs exactly without a consultation. We will review your property and identify any potential issues (and resolve them) long before they arise. Don’t wait until the snow has hit the ground to review your snow removal needs!

Integrating your property and service needs with our site engineering planning process. Our team of experts creates a comprehensive plan to maximize our efficiency, which helps us ensure we deliver the results you expect on time, every time.

Using up-to-date weather tracking so that we are ready and waiting when the next big storm hits. Our team is constantly monitoring weather conditions and on the looking for the next big snow event. Waiting until snow starts hitting the ground is already too late. Our proactive approach means our trucks are the first on the road.

Crew tracking and efficiency –  all of our trucks are GPS enabled and tracked using our customized customer and crew management system. This system allows us to route and reroute our plows to ensure that we cover all clients as expediently as possible, track our work, report conditions, and assist in site management.

Keeping you informed through winter email operations updates. We believe communication is critical, which is why we have a 24/7 call center and specialized CRM software to keep you up-to-date on the weather and our weather plan.

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Above All Else, We Care

Our advanced technology, innovative systems, and industry-leading processes don’t mean anything without our passion and dedication to our clients. We provide our clients with the high level of service that they expect since is a vital component of our business model.

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There is no shortage of snow removal and ice management companies in Ontario, and many of them have a great deal of knowledge. But next time you consider another snow and ice management company tell them:  I don’t care how much you know until I know how much you care.

Caring about our clients is the reason we’ve been in business for over 25 years (and why we look forward to many more years of service). Facebook: When it comes to snow and ice management, we don’t care how much you know until we know how much you care.

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