New Commercial Snow Removal Services Mean a Safer Winter for All

Garden Grove will use the latest commercial snow removal services to keep your pathways, parking lots, and roads clear.

Snow and ice are more than just an inconvenience. Winter weather can be a danger to pedestrians and drivers and a significant liability to property owners. Reducing your liability and keeping your tenants, clients, or customers safe is vital to protecting yourself legally and financially.

Garden Grove is a Canadian leader in snow and ice management and an ASCA and ISO 9001 Certified company. Garden Grove will use the latest commercial snow removal services and ice melting technologies to keep your pathways, parking lots, and roads clear – reducing your liability and putting your mind at ease.

Our New Ice Melting Technology is Safe, Smart, and Effective

Garden Grove ensures that our customer’s liability is reduced and properties and the environment are protected thanks to innovative new ice melting technology. New de-icing techniques and products are being used in our winter operations, like liquid de-icers and pre-treated bulk materials.

These are the safest, most intelligent, and most effective de-icing products available in Canada. More effective than traditional grit or bulk products and less damaging to the environment, these innovative new ice-melting methods can limit your liability while providing maximum protection for your property.

Preparation is Key to Snow and Ice Management

The key to effectively managing winter liability is to get a jump on any snow and ice before it hits the pavement. That is why Garden Grove employs the latest weather forecast and radar tracking technology to constantly monitor snow events and other inclement weather patterns that could affect your property.

When the weather tracking technology indicates that winter weather is imminent, staff members are put on alert, a strategy is formulated, and the trucks hit the road.

All Garden Grove trucks are equipped with GPS and output tracking, so we know exactly where we’ve been, where we’re going and can monitor de-icing levels to ensure that the optimum amount of our de-icer hits the pavement.

Our fleet of vehicles includes wheel loaders, snow pushers, and skid steers; therefore, your snow and ice removal needs can always be accommodated.

Keep in the Know

Once a snow event occurs, clients are kept up to date on all the latest weather reports and Garden Grove’s operations through our regular Winter Operations Updates. This technology keeps you in the know, 24/7 so you’ll never be exposed to unexpected liability or other unwanted surprises.

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Smart About Salt

The team at Garden Grove knows precisely how much salt is being spread, which is vital information. Too little and ice may form, and pedestrians and vehicles will lose traction. On the other hand, too much salt can cause property damage and endanger the environment.

Garden Grove’s Commitment to Technology

Garden Grove’s commitment to providing superior snow and ice removal services doesn’t end with weather tracking, a high-tech fleet of snow removal vehicles, Winter Operations Updates, or our new ice melting technology. We are committed to the early adoption of techniques and innovations that make snow and ice removal more effective and less harmful to the environment.

We continually evaluate and develop our processes and operations, looking for ways to provide improved service. We know that winter snow and ice removal is about more than just limiting liability. It’s about reducing injuries and saving lives, a responsibility we take very seriously.

We can help! Please send us your inquiries and RFP’s to or call us at 1-866-996-1099.

We look forward to delivering NEXT-LEVEL snow removal service to your property!

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