Celebrating 30 Years of Garden Grove

We’re Celebrating 30 Years of Garden Grove

In 2020, Garden Grove marked the 30th anniversary of the founding of the business, and we are excited to remember, realign and refocus.

Look how far we’ve come! In 2020 we marked the 30th anniversary of the founding of our business, and we are excited to remember, realign and refocus.

Garden Grove Established in 1990

Back in 1990, brothers David and Paul Lammers started a journey together and launched Garden Grove Landscaping. What began as a simple operation catering to the residential customer has grown into a full-service commercial grounds and snow management company.

We now have four divisions to suit a diverse range of clientele: Commercial Landscape Management, Commercial Snow and Ice Management, Commercial Landscape Construction, and Irrigation Management.

In all these areas, we strive to serve our clients and meet their needs diligently. We offer comprehensive services to our clients to ensure next-level satisfaction and pride in their property.

A New Chapter Begins

Through our 30 years of experience, Garden Grove Landscaping has established a benchmark for quality and customer service, and we take pride in our strong roots and our history of success. While we are proud to look back, we are far more excited about what is to come!

We invite you to take a look at our revamped website and journey with us in a new chapter and new vision for commercial grounds and snow management for the years to come!

A New Chapter for Garden Grove

From the time the first roll of sod was laid, the first flowers planted, and the first lawn was cut, our founders, David and Paul, showed their desire to put customer service first, and that has never changed.

At Garden Grove, our mission as a Commercial Grounds and Snow Management company is to deliver value to our clients while exceeding their expectations.

Next-Level Services Provided Year-Round

We provide every customer next-level quality commercial landscaping and grounds maintenance through spring to fall and continue maintaining these properties with winter snow and ice services, emphasizing customer experience through our dedicated account managers.

We foster a culture of complete customer care, and it shows through every employee and every interaction. We can take on large portfolios for asset and portfolio managers to streamline operations while simultaneously maximizing their budget.

We’ve Been Training for This

When it comes to our internal processes, we maintain the very highest standards in safety and compliance. We have the know-how in recruiting, training, and staffing operations, offer competitive service in our market at competitive prices and deliver near bullet-proof services to our clients. This translates into staff that excel and who are empowered to be their best.

For 30 years, it has always been about showing customer care through professionally maintained properties, and that will never change. We invite you to learn more and get in touch to see how Garden Grove can partner with you to take your property to the next level.

A New Brand, a New Garden Grove

We know a thing or two about the value of refreshing and rebuilding. After nearly 30 years, we wanted to refocus our branding as we excitedly clarified our focus on commercial grounds and snow management. By focusing exclusively on this market segment, Garden Grove can align our people and processes to meet the sensitive demands that commercial sites require.

We are passionate about leaving a lasting impression on commercial grounds and snow management.

A Story of Partnership

We wanted a brand identity that spoke to our partners with our clients through all the seasons. We are always preparing for what is ahead and ready when the snow flies, grass grows, or leaves fall. There is no off-season in commercial grounds management, and the cyclical icon that has been designed for us speaks to that.

Next-Level Brand Identity

This new brand identity represents the new Garden Grove — a company committed to training that prepares, safety that protects, and people who are unstoppable when it comes to delivering next-level results.

We want you along for the journey and invite you to learn more about what Garden Grove can do for you and your commercial property.

Our commitment to environmental sustainability

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