Welcome to June!

It is time to start thinking about snow management! Avoid the spike in service costs, and benefit from the vast advantages of starting early.

It Is All About How Much You Care About Snow and Ice Management Services

Garden Grove will use the latest advanced technology to take care of your snow and ice management services over the winter months.

How to Hire the Right Contractor for Your Commercial Snow Plowing Services

Make sure you hire a reliable, safe, and experienced contractor for your commercial snow plowing services.

Hiring the Best Corporate Snow Removal Company May Take More Research Than You Think

Make sure you hire the best corporate snow removal company to operate and serve customers in heavy snow and ice to prevent expensive losses.

New Commercial Snow Removal Services Mean a Safer Winter for All

Garden Grove will use the latest commercial snow removal services to keep your pathways, parking lots, and roads clear.

Is Your Commercial Snow Services Company ISO Certified?

Garden Grove holds the distinction of being the first commercial snow services company in Canada to achieve ISO certification.

We’re Celebrating 30 Years of Garden Grove

In 2020, Garden Grove marked the 30th anniversary of the founding of the business, and we are excited to remember, realign and refocus.

Our commitment to environmental sustainability

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