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All-in-One Commercial Turf Aeration With This Perfect Triple Treatment

Would you like to know more about commercial turf aeration? This triple treatment is the best way to keep your lawn looking its best!

A regular aeration schedule can help you eliminate and prevent some of the most common turf problems. However, the real secrets are to overseed and add a compost-rich top dressing to an aeration routine. This triple treatment is the best way to set the stage for healthy, beautiful turf.

Combat Compacted Soil With Lawn Aeration

Many focus on mowing, weed control programs, and fertilizing but often forget about aeration when it comes to turf care. Over time, the soil underneath becomes compacted, creating little or no space for grassroots to have the room they need to absorb nutrients and water. The result of tightly compacted soil is that the turf itself is more susceptible to dry weather, insects, diseases, and weeds.

Aeration removes small portions of soil and puts them back onto the surface so they can work their way back into the grass. This process creates small holes that help break up the compacted soil so that water, air, and nutrients can penetrate the grassroots.

Aeration is an essential step in any turf care routine, but it’s not enough. Once aeration is complete, it’s wise to add top dressing, which refers to the process of adding a layer of compost-rich soil. A layer of compost is raked over the turf to fill the aeration holes loosely. Topdressing will add needed nutrients back into the soil system.

The final step is to add new grass seed on top of existing turf – this process, called overseeding, will help the grass stay young and healthy. According to Dr. Nick Christians, a Horticulturist at Iowa State University, a single blade of grass only lives an average of 45 to 60 days. Because mature plants reproduce at a slower rate than young plants, it becomes important to manually add young grass to the turf mix to keep it strong, healthy, and fertile.

The combination of turf aeration, top dressing, and overseeding will help your turf regain its natural balance, allowing roots to establish themselves and make room for young grass to grow. The result will be healthier, hardier turf that can withstand dry, and hot summers. It is also more resistant to weeds and diseases and is more appealing to the eye.

Triple Treatment – The Benefits of Turf Aeration, Top Dressing, and Overseeding

Turf aeration, combined with topdressing and overseeding, is a simple, affordable, and natural step in a solid turf care program. The benefits of aerating, top dressing, and overseeding turf include:

  • Improving the flow of water, oxygen, and nutrients through the soil.
  • Helping essential water and nutrients reach the root system.
  • Encouraging grass to root more deeply.
  • Promoting the growth of grass which is healthier and more tolerant to drought.
  • Controlling the growth of thatch, weeds, and disease by increasing the activity of microorganisms in the soil.
  • Conserving water because the grass will be better able to absorb it.
  • Making the most of turf fertilizer.
  • Reducing the cost of weed control because weeds will have more difficulty growing.
  • Adding nutrients back into the soil system.
  • Introducing young, fertile, healthy grass into the turf.

The Best Time to Aerate

Spring and fall are the best times to aerate, top dress, and overseed because these are active periods of growth. The weather is often cooler during these times of the year, which helps promote the establishment of new, healthy grass seeds.

Ultimately, the combination of seasonal aeration, top dressing, and overseeding will result in as little as one week and start building a turf area that looks better and sustains itself naturally.

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