Annual Plants

Adding Color to Your Gardens With Annual Plants

Add colorful flowers to your property. Annual plants will keep your yard fresh, full of color, and add personality to your gardens.

Spring has sprung, and gardeners – amateurs and professionals alike – are outside making the most of the beautiful weather. As Canadians, we’re known for our love of the outdoors, and beautifully landscaped areas are one way to show the love.

The benefits of colorful and well-maintained gardens aren’t tangible, but they are unmistakable. Eye-catching landscape design shows that the property owners care about welcoming others, which is felt in residential and commercial settings.

While we’re waiting around for our perennials to blossom, annuals can inspire us with their eager blooms. Since annuals only last one season, you can try something new to keep things fresh and fun each year. Try monochromatic one year, and use complementary colors the next. This year, use tall blooms, and next year use plants that stay low to the ground. Even with one particular type of flower, there are many different colors to choose from to keep things interesting.

Annuals allow for a lot of creativity and experimentation. Express yourself and inspire those around you in a simple yet effective way. Your garden can become a destination that observers look forward to seeing a change from year to year!

Pick the highest traffic areas of your building, such as the entrance way and frontage areas with signage. These areas make a great first impression when visitors come to your property. Make these areas pop with a combination of bright annuals mixed in with your perennials. Containers are great for displaying your annuals and can be adapted as the seasons change.

When planting in the ground, finding the right annual depends on the type of soil and sun available. Observe your property during the day to see where the sun is strongest. What is your soil like? Is it a dark, rich color, or is it dry and dusty?

Speak with a professional about your vision for your garden and how to make it a reality. After only a few quick decisions and some time spent outside, you’ll create a space you can be proud of, and others can enjoy.

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