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5 Tips for Getting the Right Turf Care Lawn Service for Your Property

Looking to get the right turf care lawn service for your property? Here are five tips to help you hire the best company.

Looking for a company to properly care for your property’s turf? Save yourself some time and money by following these five simple tips before you start calling for quotes:

1. Know What You Want

Are you looking at turf care only, or do you want an all-season package that will include care of trees, shrubs, garden beds, snow removal, etc.? Many landscaping companies offer a discount when combining services and taking advantage of their bundled packages. Looking at turf care specifically, consider frequency. There’s a big difference between once-per-season winter prep and weekly or bi-weekly maintenance.

Regular turf care could include aeration, fertilization, pesticide, and weed control applications, depending on your goals. There are many options, and frankly, it is easy to be oversold. It would help if you have a solid idea of what you want before looking for quotes.

If a company starts pushing multiple applications of fertilizer, pesticides, aeration, and all sorts of ‘extras’ on you before even seeing your turf, that is a bad sign. Different soil compositions have different needs that can be met through different fertilizers – there is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Geography plays a role as well. In a wet flood plain, the turf will need further care than turf on a dryer, higher ground. Unless you tell the landscaping company otherwise, there is no reason for them to think that you have pests – they shouldn’t be spraying pesticides or weed control unless there’s a reason to.

Company size is another consideration. Size is essential if you want one landscaping team to handle your landscape needs, which will often land you a better price on your turf care. Smaller companies may struggle to take multiple roles, but larger landscaping companies can specialize in numerous areas.

2. Ask for a Free Consultation

Depending on the size of your property (or properties), your contract could be worth a lot to a turf care company. The best companies will recognize this value and should offer a free consultation. Only after inspecting your turf will they be able to give you an honest and straightforward assessment of what your property needs to keep your turf lush, healthy, and well maintained.

3. Ask for a Contract

Some companies will quote you a great price without mentioning that it requires a multiple-year commitment or without exposing specific details within the contract. The right company will define every service and frequency for you before presenting you with a contract. You should avoid companies willing to work on an as-needed basis or a verbal contract. The best companies are booked far in advance and are already strategizing work for multiple seasons into the future; this means it may be hard to hire them on short notice to handle a lawn-care crisis.

For property owners or managers, the best option is always to get a contract; it will be cheaper in the long run and lays out the expectations of both parties. Ensure that the contract comes with guarantees of quality assurance and timely service. A contract allows both parties to agree on and work towards your property’s long-term goals.

4. Make Sure They Are Licensed and Insured

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What can go wrong in lawn care? Well, considering lawn care involves mowers, line trimmers, lawn aerators, plus trucks to haul everything – a heck of a lot! If an employee of an unlicensed or uninsured company hurts themselves on your property, then you could be liable. That means a lot of time, money, and paperwork. Hiring only licensed and insured companies will help protect your property, your finances, and the company’s employees.

5. Seek Local Reviews

Online reviews can be convenient when it comes to vetting turf care companies. Consulting with your local chamber of commerce or business owner’s association is also a good idea.  Shop around, ask for multiple quotes, and don’t settle for anything less than the best!

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