A Warm Testimonial for a Cold Winter!

It’s been a tough winter and many parts of North America have been affected by it. As leaders in the snow and ice industry Garden Grove is committed to providing our customers with excellent service. Ready to respond to the toughest of snow events we plan months in advance to manage the needs of our sites, and do it safely and reliably.

As we cross the mid-point of this heavy and cold winter season here’s an example of what many of our customers are telling us:

“We had a Board meeting this afternoon, and it was mentioned by other Board members that Garden Grove is doing an excellent job removing the snow. I thought some positive feedback was certainly due. As a further aside – the crew member who was here about 11:30 today gets extra brownie points! Apparently one of our residents got his car stuck on the road, and your dedicated staff helped push his car, and cleared the snow off the road, so he could get up the slight incline. So – hats off and a big thank you! And – we are very grateful for him clearing the whole porch area!”