A Healthy Spring Reminder from Old Man Winter!

Although it’s almost spring, winter weather sure knows how to come back and give us a healthy reminder that these kinds of snow events are still normal for this time of year in Southern Ontario.

Another Winter Storm Warning was issued from Environment Canada at 15:47 Monday 13 March 2017:

Heavy snowfall with blowing snow is expected. Total snowfall amounts of 15 to 25 cm are expected by Tuesday night. Conditions becoming very poor this evening.
Snow is expected to continue into Tuesday night. The snow will be heavy at times tonight and Tuesday. Total snowfall amounts of 15 to 25 cm are expected, with local totals of 30 cm possible in the Hamilton to Niagara corridor.
Northeast winds gusting to 60 km/h km/h are also expected this evening into Tuesday resulting in widespread blowing snow. Travel conditions will become hazardous as a result of snow and blowing snow.
Snow will taper to scattered flurries Tuesday night as the low pressure system moves away.

Operations Update

Snow and Ice Melting

  1. Our salt trucks have pre-salted all thruways and parking areas prior to this snow event and will be performing the necessary follow-up required to keep your sites safe. 

Thruways and Parking Lots

  1. All our plowing operators are scheduled to be out tonight to open up and make your thruways accessible.  Given the amount of accumulation we are going to receive, this storm event will take more time to clear.
  2. We will be circling back into the morning and throughout the day tomorrow.  Once the storm has ceased, your site will be cleared again as necessary.
  3. Wednesday we will be paying closer attention to detail, clearing remaining visitor parking and other areas necessary.

Snow Relocation Services

Should your site require relocating or hauling of snow, we will contact you and receive approvals prior to completing the work.


All our walkway crews are scheduled to be out early in the early morning.  Our main focus for the morning and throughout Tuesday will be priority access areas making sure the main pedestrian areas are accessible; secondary walkways that are not main pedestrian entrances will be cleared once the storm has ceased.

Thank you for putting your trust in Garden Grove.  We’ll be working right beside you, giving you our very best throughout the entire storm event.

Your Garden Grove Snow Team